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Ultrasound Therapy

Face - 1 treatment   $100

Eyes - 1 treatment   $60

Around the Mouth - 1 treatment   $60

Ultrasound Therapy Treatment and Facial   $180

Prices do not include gratuities, sales taxes and fees.

Ultrasound Therapy - 4-6 sessions are recommended

Ultrasound Facial - once in a 2-3 month are recommended


The ultrasound vibration helps to break-up follicular deposits of oil, dirt and dead cells a veritable breeding ground for bacteria.

Ultrasonic frequency has been shown to kill bacteria and decongest the pores resulting in cleaner, healthier skin

Cleans and minimizes skin pores

It is smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin, when used regularly along with an appropriate home care program.

In skin care it's important to know that, no matter what the procedure, there are no instant fixes.

Rosacea / Sensitive Skin

This is an excellent treatment for rosacea or sensitive skin.

Pure, filtered water and hydrating serum is used during the treatment.

It is gentle and non-irritating.

Removes and prevents wrinkles

Helps facilitate blood and lymph circulation

Revives the elasticity of skin

Creates new skin cells

Enhances the skin's absorption of nutrients and moisturizers

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

It helps stimulate and promote collagen and elastin production for more youthful skin.

It also helps with hydration.

The "plumping" of the skin fills out fine lines and wrinkles.

Long-term results are achieved when these treatments are performed regularly.

One treatment can't substitute for a series of treatments.

The results are cumulative as your skin benefits from and loves regular care.

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Ultrasound Therapy

Milady Medical Spa Brooklyn NY

1616 Sheepshead Bay Rd Brooklyn, NY 11235

Tel. 347-946-0606