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Fractional Mesotherapy

Face (or Neck or Decollete) (1 area)   $350

3 sessions are recommended

Face and Neck, Neck and Decollete (2 areas)   $420

3 sessions are recommended

Face, Neck and Decollete (3 areas)   $475

3 sessions are recommended

Around Eyes or Lips   $120

3 sessions are recommended

Stretch Marks (1 palm)   $200

4-6 sessions are recommended

Prices do not include gratuities, sales taxes and fees.

Aids penetration of solutions

No cross infection - disposable needles.

Short treatment times

Adjustable needle depth

Less pain

No side effects

Uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin.

This enhances rejuvenation results and is far safer for the client because there is much less epidermal damage.

The automatic vibrating function increases the effectiveness of treatment by increasing absorption of products, while reducing pain and discomfort.

Non-ablative, is just as effective as treatments such as Fractional Laser Therapy, IPL, and Chemical Peels.


A. Wash the face thoroughly a few hours after treatment.

Gently massage the face with tepid water (a shower can provide an easier ability to massage the face while washing at the same time), and remove all serum and other debris such as dried blood. 

Mineral makeup may be applied the following day.

B . F or the first 1-3 days the skin will be very dry and feel tight.

C. After 2-3 days patients can return to regular skin care products or as soon as it is comfortable to do so.

Vitamin A products are optimal and suggested.

Immediately after the procedure apply a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with a SPF30.

Skin tightening

Natural collagen induction,

Skin lifting and rejuvenation

Heals acne scars & wound healing

Improves wrinkles and fine lines

Open pore minimisation

Improves stretch marks

What Can Be Expected:

Day 1: Erythema and red appearance and severity will depend upon how aggressive the treatment was performed.

Day 2: A red hue or pink hue persists like a moderate sunburn. Swelling may be more noticeable on the second day.

Day 3: Skin can be pink or normal color. Swelling subsides.

D. Avoid alcohol based toners for 10-14 days.

E. Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 10 days if possible.

F . Do not apply sunscreen the same day as treatment. Undesirable chemicals can penetrate if used in large amounts

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Fractional Mesotherapy

Milady Medical Spa Brooklyn NY

1616 Sheepshead Bay Rd Brooklyn, NY 11235

Tel. 347-946-0606