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Injectable Mesotherapy

1 session

$250 (1 area: face, or neck, or decollete)

$300 (2 areas: face and neck or neck and decollete)

$350 (3 areas: face, neck and decollete)

Prices do not include gratuities, sales taxes and fees.

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Mesotherapy is the delivery of active ingredients for your skin exactly where you need them.

Using microinjection, mesomixture is injected into a party outer skin to a depth of about 1-2mm.

The active ingredients are able to optimum performance because they are given directly in place of this demanding spot.

In addition, applied in shallow areas of the skin long remain active and are not subject to rapid metabolism.

The main objective is to stimulate mesotherapy skin and mobilizing for action.

A series of treatments reduces the signs of aging:

Improves skin metabolism, thus stimulating them to work and self-regeneration

Removes the shallow wrinkles

Reduces deep wrinkles

Improves hydration, tone and skin tension

Only in the most sensitive area such as nasal furrows, or around the mouth, where performance is more punctures, you can feel a slight discomfort.

Mesotherapy Treatment usually consists of 3 sessions, performed in 3 weeks gaps.

After a series of 3 treatments the skin will be restored to optimum form.

A proper care after a series of treatments, helps to keep the results for 2 to 3 years, provided that undergo one to two treatments per year to sustain the result.

Contraindications for Mesotherapy treatment

-unregulated diabetes


- breast-feeding

-use of coagulants or anticoagulants

There are no visible marks on the skin after treatment, which would prevent an active life, there may only be a possible minor redness at punctures.

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Injectable Mesotherapy

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