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Double Chin

A double chin is a layer of subcutaneous fat around the neck that sags down and creates a wrinkle, making the owner appear to have a second chin.

Treatments for Double Chin:

- Lipodissolve Mesotherapy

- Endermologie

- RF Radio Frequency Therapy

- Combination of some treatments (meso+rf, meso+endermologie, meso+rf+endermologie)

Lipodissolve Mesotherapy involves a simple series of injections which help break down unwanted small localized areas of fat.

6-12 sessions are recommended.

A number of new non-invasive and invasive treatments are available to those desperate to get rid of their extra chins.

Endermologie - slims down double chin and lower face.

8 sessions are recommended.

Radio Frequency (RF) treatments stimulate the body's natural healing response, getting rid of a double chin in a painless way.

4-6 sessions are recommended.

Our recommendations:


Lipodissolve Mesotherapy

Radio Frequency (RF) Therapy

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Double Chin

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