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RetinA Peel

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RetinA Peel is the ultimate retinol peel for all, particularly the client with sensitive skin.

It activates collagen, increases firmness and fights lines and photo-damage, along with three therapeutic brighteners to boost radiance and even skin tone.

However, truth be told, we don't want the story to end there.

So, the chemists found the proverbial 'Happily Ever After' by combining the purest form of Retinol (Vitamin A) with Triple Brightening Power that would make even Snow White's magical mirror call out your name as the 'fairest of them all'.

Vitamin A is easily absorbed through the skin which speeds up the rate of cell turnover and increases the induction of collagen.

Frequent professional use of RetinA Peel will improve skin health and vibrancy, with a 'once upon a lifetime' combination of pure, stable Retinol and triple brightening power.

Vitamin A is essential for skin health. It's just that simple. End of story.

Vitamin A influences the process of cell differentiation from the early embryonic state.

It's highly influential in stem cell development pathways in regards to what part of the body a stem cell transitions into for optimal performance.

In other words, Vitamin A is the power mechanism directing cell renewal.

It's also well known as the treatment for lines and wrinkles, pigmentation problems, uneven tone, texture name the problem(s) and your wish will be granted when you use products containing Retinol.

We offer a fantastic medium-depth RetinA Peel – it’s easy to apply and causes no heat or discomfort to the customer.

And a great flaking effect takes place on days three and four.

You will see and feel the difference.

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RetinA Peel

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